The following is information on AKC events and programs.
Also Listed are some helpful links to information on the AKC website.
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AKC Events and Organizations :
AKC Club Eligibilty to Hold Dog Shows :
The AKC has requirements for the ECKC and any other AKC club
to be eligible to hold its annual show(s).
More information is avaible thru the AKC website
(in the format of a .pdf file)

AKC Political Action Committee (AKC PAC) :
this committee was formed in Oct 2007 as a response to current dog legislation
(which presents a menace to responsible dog owners/breeders/show dogs)
that is trying to be passed throughout the United States. Issues include mandatory
spay/neuter bills, breed specific legislation (discrimination).
More info is available on their website (donations are being accepted) :

AKC Classified Ad Program :
A new AKC program called “Demand AKC Papers”
asks AKC clubs to place classified ads that direct puppy buyers to 2 websites : and
to inform puppy buyers that they should seek an AKC dog when buying a family pet
in order to receive the healthiest, happiest dog possible. More information is
available at :






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  • AKC Training Resources : Obedience, CGC, find a club/trainer/class/tester etc :




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