Fast CAT -which  stands for Coursing Ability Test - is a timed 100-yard dash where dogs run one at a time, chasing a lure.  

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At least  12  months of age 

Have an AKC   number via one of the following:

       (1)       AKC Registration as one of the AKC's purebred recognized breeds.

       (2)      AKC Canine Partners, which is for mixed-breed dogs and dogs ineligible for AKC Registration.

        (3) Purebred Alternative Listing (PAL) program, which is for purebred dogs that cannot be fully   registered                      with the AKC to participate in AKC events.

         (4)  Foundation Stock Service (FSS) , which is for recorded breeds on the road to full AKC recognition. 

How fast is your dog?

Hear about Great Falls Fast CAT dogs.

Max - Lhasa Apso #1 at 18.05 mph, Owner Debbie English 


Trip - Weimaraner #15 at 26.59 mph, Owner Betty Hauer

Beni - French Bulldog 74th Place at 17.04 MPH, Owner Christian McClelland  

Courage - Border Collie, Owner Deanna Sullivan

Chase - Bernese Mountain Dog #5 at 24.19 mph, Owner Lawrence Duncan

Otis -Chihuahua #34 at 12.95 mph, Owner Sylvia Mattson

Bentley - Boxer #87 at 25.36 mph, Owner Sylvia Mattson


Magnum - Newfoundland #7 at 20.04 mph, Owner Alex Vance

Joey - Boxer #122 at 24.37 mph, Owner Shelly Vance

Remmy - Boxer #166 at 21.46 mph, Owner Shelly Vance

Henry - All American Dog #822 at 19.85 mph, Owner Shelley Vance

Wishbone - All American Dog, Owner Katie Evans

Furia - Doberman, Owner Shannon DeMarco

Raiden - Doberman, Owner Shannon DeMarco